6000 Days in Long Kesh Prison – The Story of Jim (Jaz) McCann

Friends of Sinn Féin | 7/8/2021

Thursday 8th July 2021 marks the 40th Anniversary of the death of Joe McDonnell on Hunger Strike in Long Kesh Prison. 

To mark the anniversary we are very proud to present an interview with his friend, fellow prisoner, and author Jim (Jaz) McCann. 

Jaz spent 17 years in Long Kesh. Jailed at the age of 20, he was on the Blanket and No-Wash protests. He details the routine brutality of the prison regime that led to the 1981 Hungers Strikes and the deaths of 10 republican prisoners. Within 2 years of the ending of the hunger strike, Jaz was one of 38 Irish Republican Prisoners that escaped in the largest prison breakout in Irish history. He was captured and returned to jail. 

The interview is full of incredible insights and an astounding sense of comradeship that bound the prisoners together and eventually beat the prison regime. 

A story of courage and the ability of the human spirit to overcome inhumanity. 

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