A New Ireland for All: Ending Sectarian Segregation – Michelle O’Neill releases new Sinn Féin document

Sinn Féin Vice President Michelle O’Neill today released a new Sinn Féin document focused on ending sectarian segregation and building a new Ireland for all.

Speaking at the event, she said, “We must work together, in political leadership and in local communities, to tackle sectarianism and segregation.

“I launched a new Sinn Féin document today that sets out our proposals to help create a more equal, respectful, integrated and inclusive society.

“For far too long our communities have been living back-to-back, it’s now long overdue that we strive forward together side-by-side and build that brighter, better future for everyone.

“That is the vision that I am committed to and I will work everyday to bring about.”

In April 2023, the Good Friday Agreement marked its twenty-fifth anniversary.

The Agreement transformed the context on this island with a new architecture of political
institutions. It provided a roadmap, underpinned by a framework of values and rules, to manage
democratic change, and ongoing change within society.

Twenty-five years on, the imposition of BREXIT, against the democratic wishes of a majority in the
north, has injected both momentum and a reality, into the conversation around future constitutional

BREXIT cut off an economic lifeline for the north to the EU. It has brought into sharper focus
the sustained underinvestment in the north over decades by successive British governments.

However, thirteen years of Tory austerity has exacerbated substandard economic performance, low productivity, low educational achievement, and the worst health outcomes of any region in these islands. It is against this backdrop that more and more people are considering what type of future will best serve their needs.

Building a new Ireland will require sustained engagement, debate, and dialogue on a future model of governance and provide opportunities to build a new national health service, an all-island education system and determine how the economy is integrated and developed. It will also bring in to focus how the whole island can rejoin the European Union in the event of reunification.

Overriding this will be the need to reassure the Unionist section of our community that all rights will be safeguarded and protected in a new Ireland.

Political leadership is a necessary requirement to engage with the legacy of sectarianism and segregation in building towards the achievement of reconciliation and a shared society.