Australian Labor Party passes motion in support of Irish Unity as international support grows

From bipartisan support at every level of American government to a recent Cross Canada Irish Unity Roadshow, international support for Irish Unity continues to grow.

On a recent trip to Australia, the Australian Labor Party adopted a resolution supporting a referendum on Irish Unity.

Sinn Féin spokesperson on Foreign Affairs, Matt Carthy TD, welcomed the passing of the motion at the Australian Labor Party’s national conference supporting the reunification of Ireland.

The motion, Amendment 170A Supporting the Reunification of Ireland, was carried yesterday.

Mr Carthy said, “I welcome that the Australian Labor Party’s delegates have voted resoundingly in favour of a motion supporting the reunification of Ireland at their national conference. The ALP’s friendship with and solidarity towards the people of Ireland, reflects the deep bonds between our two nations. Pearse Doherty and I saw evidence of this strengthening relationship during our recent visit to Australia.

“The passing of this motion is a very positive step and reflects the growing interest both nationally and internationally in the benefits that Irish unity will bring to people across the island. Just as international support was crucial in delivering the peace process so too will be be crucial in making Irish Unity a success for everyone on this island.

“It is undeniable that there is a growing, vibrant and positive conversation around the need for constitutional change to unlock the potential of communities across Ireland.z

“The onus is on the Irish government to begin planning for this constitutional change. The time to engage in clear-eyed discussion about a referendum is now. Failure to plan or engage in these discussions helps no-one. The Irish government must act now.”