Belfast Women’s Assembly report launched by Sinn Féin’s Commission on the Future of Ireland

The report of the Belfast Women’s Assembly was launched this week by Sinn Féin’s Commission on the Future of Ireland.

Held in the Europa Hotel on June 27th, Seanadóir Lynn Boylan introduced the

fifth public event hosted by the Commission and its first Women’s Assembly sayin, “Partition has disadvantaged women all over Ireland.

Women continue to navigate two currencies, two sets of regulations, two banking systems, agencies for economic, climate and health development that face away from each other.

This women’s assembly is about encouraging popular grassroots participation in the ongoing conversation about our shared future.”

Over one hundred women came together to have their say on the Future of Ireland at the Belfast Women’s Assembly.

The independent Chairperson of the session was Eilish Rooney, an Emeritus Scholar at Ulster University and a member of the Constitutional Conversations Group.

Eilish was supported on the night by Cuisle Nic Liam who provided a translation service ensuring anyone who wished to contribute as Gaeilge was able to do so.

One participant said, ““We need a plan to make it happen – stepping stones we all take together, one by one, gently and inclusively, healing past wrongs by doing right now ….together.”

Read the full report here: