Letters From Ireland

All Politics Is Local

It is election season. Doors are being knocked. Posters hang in full bloom from lampposts. On June 7th, voters across the south will go out to elect new County Councilors and Members of the European Parliament.

I have been on the doors with the excellent local Sinn Féin candidate. I live in a commuter village outside of Dublin. They say that all politics is local. It is in these villages and small towns that decisions made in the Dáil, European Parliament, and County Councils play out.

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Getting Away with Murder

At the stroke of midnight on Tuesday, April 30th, the British Government’s “Northern Ireland Troubles (Legacy and Reconciliation) Act” came into full effect. Behind this innocuous title is the coverup of multiple killings.

The Act immediately closed down 38 inquests linked to 76 deaths. Families will be left without basic findings of the cause of death of their loved ones. It also closes investigations into hundreds of unresolved killings carried out over 30 years of conflict. It ends the rights of the injured and bereaved to have access to the courts. Behind these cases are families who have fought for up to 50 years for justice and truth.

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Preserving Our Past, Rising to Our Future

Moore Street is more than just a street. It was the last meeting place of the Provisional Government.

At the end of Easter Week 1916 with the GPO ablaze, the order was given to evacuate the building. The rebels and their leaders, under intense gunfire, made their way to the terrace of houses on Moore Street. The injured James Connolly was carried along the laneways on a stretcher.

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An Ireland for All

Eyebrows were raised this week when the “Taoiseach for All” declared that, “Probably people of my generation are familiar now with London, and Berlin, and Paris than they might be with Belfast or Derry”.

This betrays the new Taoiseach’s worldview more than the reality. Travel and tourism from the South to the North far outstrips travel to London, Paris, and Berlin combined. Every weekend Belfast and Derry are full of Southern-registered cars. Many swear that Belfast has the best bars, restaurants, and clubs than overpriced Dublin. Derry borders Donegal and in both counties, people work and live interchangeably at opposite ends of a short road.

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