Taking time to listen the people

For Sinn Féin we will look to build on the gains as we head into an expected general election in the Fall. That election will be a choice between more of the same with Fianna Fail and Fine Gael, the chaos of independents, or a government led by Sinn Féin that will deliver on housing, public services, and for communities. The road to building a new and united Ireland will be bumpy, but we continue to move ahead.

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Facing down inequality and building a better Ireland

Westfield University was established by Horace Mann, a leader who recognised the liberating power of education. A humanitarian, he believed that this power should be shared by all regardless of status, creed, or gender. He remains an icon of education, equality, and social progress. More than 70 schools across the United States are named after him, his impact on modern education is so widespread.

O’Reilly was a committed Irish Republican, he was arrested and sentenced to penal servitude in Australia for his part in a failed rising against the British in Ireland.

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Thank you and happy Easter

On Easter Monday 1916 Padraig Pearse read the proclamation declaring the Irish Republic and recognizing that it was, “supported by her exiled children in America”. The British would later execute Pearse and the other leaders, but the proclamation lived on and remains the foundation document of Irish Republicanism.  

There would have been no Easter Rising or Good Friday Agreement without the US and Canada. But the journey is not over. We have further to travel to realize the vision of the leaders of 1916.

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A Week is a Long Time in Politics

Legally, there has to be an election at some point within the next ten months. A general election should be called now and a government and Taoiseach returned with a mandate. The next Taoiseach should be elected by the people. That is the democratic thing to do. Unless you are afraid of the voters.

There is a sense that this Government has run out of steam, ideas, and ambition. Change is in the air. I hope that it lands with the first Sinn Féin government in the history of the state.

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What’s possible when peace with justice becomes the priority

The political standout was the wide diversity of speakers brought together with the shared hope of creating a better Ireland, excited by the opportunity to build a new and united Ireland.  

I believe that positivity is contagious. Speaker after speaker acknowledged the challenges but all also agreed that these are outweighed by the opportunities. There was a sense in the room that change was coming, and those present were determined to have their say.

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