‘DUP blockade leaving thousands of workers high and dry’ – Murphy

Sinn Féin MLA Conor Murphy has said that tens of thousands of workers have been left high and dry, facing uncertainty over pay rises as a result of a failure of leadership at the very top of the DUP.

Conor Murphy said,“The DUP has today confirmed it will continue with its blockade of the political institutions, regardless of the consequences for public services, workers and families.

“What the public needed to see from Jeffrey Donaldson today was decisive action, not more excuses, and yet another failure to take decisions in the best interests of everyone here.

“The cruel reality for tens of thousands of public sector workers and their families is that they now face uncertainty on whether they will get a pay rise.

“Teachers, health workers, transport workers and civil servants will all be forced to take to the streets in the depths of winter over the coming weeks to campaign for fair pay.

“This could have been avoided, and workers given the fair pay rises they deserve and are entitled to this. Instead, the DUP have left workers high and dry on Christmas week. This is heartless.

“We should be meeting tomorrow to restore the Assembly, form an Executive and get local ministers back at their desk taking decisions on people’s future and to fix public services.

“The DUP is attempting to wash its hands of responsibility for these crises at a time when people from all sections of society are crying out for political leadership. They should end their blockade now and get back to work.”