DUP Leadership Conditionally Agree to Re-enter Government in the North of Ireland

In the early hours of the morning the leader of the Democratic Unionist Party, Jeffrey Donaldson indicated that his party would end their blockade of government contingent on the British Government honoring commitments in an as yet unseen deal.

Jeffrey Donaldson said, “Are these proposals perfect? Have we achieved everything that we wanted to achieve? No, we haven’t. I will be honest with people about what we have been able to deliver.”

However, he added: “I believe that what we’ve been able to achieve delivers a good outcome for Northern Ireland because there have been wins to strengthen the union. I believe there is now a route to have the devolved government restored.”

The decision followed a meeting of the DUP’s 120-strong Executive committee. It appears that there was opposition to the deal with the discussion at the meeting being live leaked to social media.

Sinn Féin Vice President Michelle O’Neill First Minister Elect said, “I welcome the public declaration by DUP Leader Jeffrey Donaldson that power-sharing will now be restored.

The parties will come together later today. We have much to do to confront the challenges facing our public services, workers, and families which require urgent action.”

The current legislative deadline for the establishment of Government is February  8th but could be completed sooner.

All parties will meet today in Stormont to discuss the full deal and the next steps.

It is expected that the British Government will publish the deal tomorrow and pass the relevant legislation as early as Thursday.

If that occurs then the Assembly could be recalled by Saturday to elect a Speaker, First and Deputy First Minister, and Ministers.