Following in the footsteps of James Connolly, labor leaders host unity conference in Belfast

Labor leaders and activists from across Ireland met in Belfast this week to discuss the potential of Irish Unity.

Organized by Trade Unionists for a New and United Ireland (TUNUI) the group, over two days in Belfast discussed the opportunities for Irish Unity and plans for constitutional change.

The conference was a follow-up to a letter signed by over 200 Irish Labor leaders and activists calling on the Irish government to begin to plan and prepare for Irish Unity.

Irish unity presents an opportunity to define and build a new state one with social justice, equality, and respect at its core.

Guests invited to address the conference included trade union activist Beatriu Cardona from Valencia, Bill Ramsey, convener of the Scottish National Party Trade Union Group, SIPTU deputy general secretary Gerry McCormack, and Frank Connolly. Mr Connolly is the author of the detailed book, “United Nation – The Case for Integrating Ireland”.

Speaking to the Irish News, Tunui chair and Forsa director Seán McElhinney said that “We believe that potential constitutional change offers the most immediate opportunity for the sort of fundamental social transformation required to establish a new, more egalitarian Ireland,” he said.

“We believe that some of the worst aspects of social inequality and socio-economic disadvantage facing working people can only be addressed properly by changing how Ireland is governed – north and south.”

Adding that the conference was another step in building support for a new and united Ireland called on other labor leaders to join the campaign.