Irish American Unity Conference Calls on British Government to “Abide By Democratic Principles”

The Irish American Unity Conference has written to British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to endure those bereaved in the conflict have access to justice, North/South progressed and the institutions of the Good Friday Agreement re-established.

The IAUC, a non-sectarian human rights organization, closely monitors the continuing denial of fundamental civil rights to UK citizens living in the North of Ireland. The group makes clear that they will continue to advocate against a British-Us Trade deal unless the British honor their obligation.

In a hard-hitting letter, the IAC stated that,

“It is beyond comprehension that your government allows one small, anti-democratic minority party to stonewall the functioning of a democratically elected government because it opposes the Windsor Framework and refuses to acknowledge a Nationalist First Minister.”

And adding a call,

“it is imperative that the amnesty legislation known as the Northern Ireland Troubles (Legacy and Reconciliation) Bill be withdrawn without delay. As you know, this amnesty bill would deny justice to people in Northern Ireland and conceal the truth of the past

A modern democratic society does not deny redress of harm inflicted on its citizens by their government by banning an open investigation into the circumstances surrounding an injury or death. The citizens of Northern Ireland are not second-class and are entitled to the same rights as every other citizen in the United Kingdom.”

The group committed to continue to campaign against a trade deal if the British Government refuse to act to honor their obligations. Finishing their letter with a clear message ,

“If the British Government is unable or unwilling to abide by democratic principles, then we, along with our colleagues in the AOH and other Irish-Americans, will continue our advocacy with the Biden Administration, the US Trade Representative, and Members of Congress to halt any new trade initiatives which may be contemplated in the wake of the Prime Minister’s recent visit to the US”

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