Kearney meets South African foreign minister

The South Antrim MLA went to South Africa this week for the ‘Global Anti-Apartheid Conference on Palestine’.

Speaking after the meeting, the party’s National Chairperson said, “It was most important to have this opportunity to meet directly with Minister Pandor during which we discussed the international landscape and Israel’s genocidal war against the Palestinian people.

“Sinn Féin has a long history with the ANC dating back decades through our shared aims of international solidarity, anti-apartheid and commitment to national self determination.

“I reaffirmed to the minister Sinn Féin’s support for South Africa’s courageous ICJ case against Israel. We have consistently called on the Irish government to actively endorse and promote South Africa’s stance and will continue to do so.

“Israel’s brutal war machine must be brought to a halt. The genocide and occupation of Palestine must end. A full and immediate ceasefire must be agreed and delivered.

“We also discussed the momentum for Irish unity and the huge opportunities that lie ahead for change in Ireland.

“The international world has an important role to play in Irish reunification, and South Africa’s transition to national democracy is a shining example for managing future constitutional change.

“Sinn Féin looks forward to continuing to work closely with our friends in the ANC and the South African government in the time ahead.”