More than 200 U.S. State Representatives visit Stormont

More than 200 State Representatives from 44 states from visited Stormont this morning, where they met with representatives of the five largest political parties.

Conor Murphy MLA represented Sinn Féin and discussed how Irish America, State governments, the US Congress, and the Biden Administraion are working to safeguard the Good Friday Agreement and prevent a hard border being imposed across Ireland by the British Government and Brexit.

Conor Murphy said, “Our public services are at the mercy of the British Government. We do not have self determination in terms of our budgets. People are looking forward to a united Ireland that has a prosperous future. Partition has led to poverty and lesser public services. The issue of the economy is linked to the national question“

“The DUP are holding our government as hostage to force a renegotiation. It has failed. Our government should be up and working. That’s what the majority want. That is what 4 out five parties want.”