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Getting Away with Murder

At the stroke of midnight on Tuesday, April 30th, the British Government’s “Northern Ireland Troubles (Legacy and Reconciliation) Act” came into full effect. Behind this innocuous title is the coverup of multiple killings.

The Act immediately closed down 38 inquests linked to 76 deaths. Families will be left without basic findings of the cause of death of their loved ones. It also closes investigations into hundreds of unresolved killings carried out over 30 years of conflict. It ends the rights of the injured and bereaved to have access to the courts. Behind these cases are families who have fought for up to 50 years for justice and truth.


Rights in a New Ireland: a golden opportunity

Sinn Féin’s Commission on the Future of Ireland hosted the latest in its series of events across the island on Friday, May 3, 2024. The Commission hosts community conversations about a wide variety of topics that are essential to the creation of a plan for a New and United Ireland for all. This Commission was focused on Rights in a New Ireland and featured campaigner and activist Ailbhe Smyth, Endowed Chair and Associate Professor in Human Rights at St Thomas University in New Brunswick, Canada Dr, Shannonbrooke Murphy, Professor of Human Rights Law in the School of Law, Queen’s University Belfast Colin Harvey, and Director of the Committee on the Administration of Justice, Daniel Holder.

IAUC member Larry Brophy, Sinn Fein MP Paul Maskey, Sarah McAuliffe IAUC, Wasi Mohammed Chief of Staff Rep. Summer Lee, PA

Paul Maskey MP, West Belfast addresses Irish Unity event in Pittsburgh

The Pittsburgh chapter of the Irish American Unity Conference hosted West Belfast MP, Paul Maskey for an event to discuss the next steps towards a new and United Ireland. “A Nation Once Again – The Road Ahead” was a sold-out discussion of the work needed to fully implement the Good Friday Agreement and present efforts toward Irish unification.

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Bitter Legacy: State Impunity in the Northern Ireland Conflict – Report by Norwegian Centre for Human Rights at the University of Oslo

An international, independent panel of experts was convened by the Norwegian Center for Human Rights, University of Oslo to provide an authoritative record of the extent to which there is evidence of patterns of impunity by the UK Gov in relation to human rights violations.


‘We will stand with families in their continued fight for truth and justice’ – Finucane

“Human rights experts, churches, the US, UN, EU, the Irish government and all main political parties on this island have opposed this cynical and cruel piece of legislation.

“These calls have fallen on deaf ears in British government circles and they have instead railroaded through this disgraceful legislation against all wishes.


‘Families will not give up on truth and justice for loved ones’ – Dillon

“Tomorrow represents a day of great shame – a large number of inquests and hundreds of legacy investigations will be shut down by the British government in an effort to deny families truth and justice.

“The British government’s Legacy Act should be repealed, and the mechanisms agreed at Stormont House implemented without delay.”


Preserving Our Past, Rising to Our Future

Moore Street is more than just a street. It was the last meeting place of the Provisional Government.

At the end of Easter Week 1916 with the GPO ablaze, the order was given to evacuate the building. The rebels and their leaders, under intense gunfire, made their way to the terrace of houses on Moore Street. The injured James Connolly was carried along the laneways on a stretcher.

Video Update Cover

April Friends of Sinn Féin Video Update

We catch up with Sinn Féin Representative Ciarán Quinn for the latest news and analysis. A review of the Irish Unity Summit, St. Patrick’s Day and Easter events, a preview of upcoming elections, and more.


Speech by Mary Lou McDonald at Preserving Our Past, Rising to Our Future Moore St conference

“It’s the right plan to achieve the cultural, social, and economic regeneration of this incredibly important part of our great city.”

Speech by Mary Lou McDonald, Moore St conference, GPO, 24 April 2024


The Conversation: Ireland at the crossroads – Can the ancient Brehon laws guide the republic away from anti-immigrant sentiment?

“Familiarity with Ireland’s history may offer a counterpoint to the Ireland-is-full viewpoint. As Ireland responds to the challenges of becoming a more diverse society, the Brehon laws may serve as a guide.” Professor Christine Kinealy writes in The Conversation.


A United Ireland is Imminent

By Judge Michael C. Mentel

The Irish Unity Summit was held on March 1st this year in New York City at the historic Cooper Union. I had the privilege to attend. The Cooper Union venue is indeed historic. In 1860, Abraham Lincoln gave his celebrated anti-slavery speech at Cooper Union before his election as President. It is also the venue where, in 1902, James Connelly spoke in support of a free and United Ireland. The Cooper Union once again served as a historic venue when Mary Lou McDonald, Sinn Féin President and Leader of the Opposition in the Dáil, addressed the Irish Unity Summit declaring that, “We’ve run the numbers, and it is adding up to a vote in 2030 that will create a United Ireland.”


International conference on future of Moore Street key to shaping the potential of Dublin’s north inner-city – Senator Lynn Boylan

Senator Boylan said, “Successive governments have consigned so much of Dublin’s north inner-city to neglect and decay. 

“As well as being a site of incredible historical significance given its role in the 1916 Rising, Moore Street is also the city’s oldest food market, and an area with a strong tradition shared by generations. 

“As Dubliners, we should not accept the neglect of Moore Street, nor should we accept its future being handed over to the whim of private developers focused on commercial gain and profit.


An Ireland for All

Eyebrows were raised this week when the “Taoiseach for All” declared that, “Probably people of my generation are familiar now with London, and Berlin, and Paris than they might be with Belfast or Derry”.

This betrays the new Taoiseach’s worldview more than the reality. Travel and tourism from the South to the North far outstrips travel to London, Paris, and Berlin combined. Every weekend Belfast and Derry are full of Southern-registered cars. Many swear that Belfast has the best bars, restaurants, and clubs than overpriced Dublin. Derry borders Donegal and in both counties, people work and live interchangeably at opposite ends of a short road.


Sinn Féin’s Commission on the Future of Ireland to host ‘Rights in a New Ireland’ Conference

“With this significant event the Commission seeks to discuss the subject of people’s rights and how they could best be guaranteed in the new united Ireland.

“The united Ireland Sinn Féin seeks to build must be underpinned by rights guarantees and the development of a more equitable, fairer society for all.”


National Self-Determination – The Key International Struggle of our Times

The opportunity to secure self-determination for our peoples is within reach. National sovereignty is inseparable from the organisation of society in the interests of all citizens. That is, a process of democratic change, transition and social transformation. It should set the direction of democratic ambition for, and on behalf of the many, not the few.

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A staggering level of political entitlement

A Letter From Ireland a Chara, I made it back to Ireland in time to witness the appointment of a new Taoiseach. Simon Harris, the new leader of Fine Gael, was elected by the Dáil (Irish Parliament) to head a coalition government alongside Fianna Fáil, and the Green Party. His nomination was supported by several […]


Kingsmill families are entitled to truth – Kelly

“In 2014, the two governments and the main Assembly parties signed up to the Stormont House Agreement which included human rights compliant mechanisms to ensure all families can access truth and justice, through independent investigations and the continuation of judicial processes such as inquests, truth recovery and the legal system. 

“The British Government’s shameful Legacy Act is about closing the door on families ever getting truth and justice.


Mary Lou McDonald TD to host international conference on the future of Moore St

Sinn Féin President Mary Lou McDonald has today announced that she will host an international conference later this month on the future of Moore Street, in association with the Moore Street Preservation Trust.

The conference, Preserving our Past, Rising to our Future, will take place on Wednesday April 24th in the GPO, and will bring together a range of Irish and international experts to discuss the Preservation Trust’s Alternative Plan for the Moore Street 1916 Battlefield site.


Coagh families have right to truth and justice – Dillon

Sinn Féin MLA Linda Dillon has once again called on the British government to repeal the shameful Legacy Act. 

“The British government’s cruel Legacy Act will close down inquests such as this one in just a matter of weeks. This shameful act is a flagrant breach of international human rights law and it should be repealed now.”


Public inquiry into Sean Brown killing should happen without delay – Sheerin

Sinn Féin MLA Emma Sheerin has said it is deplorable that the family of Sean Brown are waiting for truth and justice 27 years on and again called for a public inquiry into his killing. 

The Mid Ulster MLA said,  “Once again the British Government is attempting to thwart the family of Sean Brown from getting truth and justice for their loved one.


British government involvement in Fergal McCusker inquest ‘concerning and disgraceful’ – Finucane 

Sinn Féin MP John Finucane has said it is deeply concerning that the British Secretary of State has intervened in the inquest into the murder of Fergal McCusker in 1998.

The North Belfast MP said, “It is deeply concerning and disgraceful to learn that the British Secretary of State recently intervened during the inquest of Fergal McCusker.