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Reflections on The Good Friday Agreement: 25 Years of Peace & Progress

Last year we celebrated the 25th anniversary of the signing of the Good Friday Agreement. Former President of the United States Bill Clinton, and former President of Sinn Féin Gerry Adams shared their reflections and insights from the process.

A high-definition recording of the event is now available and you can watch it now!


A New Ireland for All: Ending Sectarian Segregation – Michelle O’Neill releases new Sinn Féin document

“For far too long our communities have been living back-to-back, it’s now long overdue that we strive forward together side-by-side and build that brighter, better future for everyone.

“That is the vision that I am committed to and I will work everyday to bring about.”

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Mary Lou McDonald response to the nomination of Taoiseach

The narrative today from the government is a fairytale so outrageous that Hans Christian Anderson himself would be proud of it. For people to believe the spin from government benches, they would have to suspend all connection to reality, and any memory of people’s lived experiences.  On the things that really matter to workers and families you have comprehensively failed, and no amount of bragging or bluster can disguise that fact.


We take a little piece of Ireland with us

A Letter From Ireland a Chara, I do a lot of traveling. It’s part of the job and means that I get to see sites and meet people throughout the US and Canada. The work is made easy by the activists I meet along the road. They come in all ages, colors, and sizes. Some […]


Easter 2024 in North America – News & Photos

All across North America, hundreds gathered for Easter Commemorations, joining in recitations, poetry, song, and community to remember Ireland’s patriot dead.


Government must let the people have their say in a general election – Matt Carthy TD

“This government is trying to limp on, despite the head of government resigning, and they are proposing to anoint Simon Harris as Taoiseach. It is just more of the same at a time when people are demanding change.

“It’s time for new people with new ideas.  It’s time for a general election.”


For world leaders to have any credibility in calls for a ceasefire, they must call Israel’s actions out for what they are – Mary Lou McDonald TD

Teachta McDonald said, “My thoughts are with the friends and families of the seven aid workers who woke up today to the earth-shattering news that their loved ones had been killed in Gaza by an Israeli air strike.


Conor Murphy remarks at Belfast Easter Commemoration 2024

“This is the decade of opportunity. Referenda on Irish unity can take place before the end of this decade, and the time to prepare is now.

“The Irish Government should immediately establish a Citizens’ Assembly to plan for Irish unity; one where everyone is welcome, everyone is included, and one where people can openly share their ideas, their hopes, and their ambitions.


Mary Lou McDonald addresses Sinn Féin’s annual Easter Rising Commemoration

Today, the mantle of ‘changemaker’ falls to this generation. To make change happen in our communities. To make change happen right across Ireland.

The appetite for real change is driven by ordinary people determined to win a better future. It is most powerfully reflected by the fact that Michelle O’Neill is now First Minister in the north.

For the first time ever, a nationalist is head of government in a state that was designed to ensure that it could never ever happen.

Michelle pledged to reach beyond the trenches and the hurt of the past, to be a First Minister for all.


Thank you and happy Easter

On Easter Monday 1916 Padraig Pearse read the proclamation declaring the Irish Republic and recognizing that it was, “supported by her exiled children in America”. The British would later execute Pearse and the other leaders, but the proclamation lived on and remains the foundation document of Irish Republicanism.  

There would have been no Easter Rising or Good Friday Agreement without the US and Canada. But the journey is not over. We have further to travel to realize the vision of the leaders of 1916.


Simon Harris has been failing upwards all the way to the top spot – Mairéad Farrell TD

Sinn Féin spokesperson on Further and Higher Education, Mairéad Farrell TD, has said that Simon Harris’ ministerial track record has been one of failing upwards all the way to the top to be Taoiseach.

She stated that Minister Harris’ track record needs to be put under the microscope, particularly if he is the next leader of government.


Easter 2024 – Events in North America

All across the United States and Canada, Irish Republicans will be gathering for Easter Commemorations. Make your plans now and bring your friends and family and remember the ultimate sacrifice made by our patriot dead.


A Week is a Long Time in Politics

Legally, there has to be an election at some point within the next ten months. A general election should be called now and a government and Taoiseach returned with a mandate. The next Taoiseach should be elected by the people. That is the democratic thing to do. Unless you are afraid of the voters.

There is a sense that this Government has run out of steam, ideas, and ambition. Change is in the air. I hope that it lands with the first Sinn Féin government in the history of the state.


Memo to Irish America: The Irish Peace Process is on the 2024 American Election Ballot

Today, America can also play an important role in the next chapter of Irish history by making sure that the people of Ireland, both north and south, have the chance given them by the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement to vote for a new and united Ireland. This is where you, my fellow Irish Americans come into the equation. Each one of us, who care about the promise of the Good Friday/Belfast Agreement, has an obligation to raise this with our elected officials from the House of Representatives, Senate, and the presidency itself.


Sinn Féin Leadership in Washington & New York for St. Patrick’s Day meetings & events

For nearly a week, hundreds of Irish politicians, artists, and community leaders made Washington, D.C., their home for the annual celebration of the week of St. Patrick’s Day.

Sinn Féin President Mary Lou McDonald and Sinn Féin Representative to North America, Ciarán Quinn spent the week meeting with United States congressional Representatives, Senators, members of the State Department, the National Security Council, Labor leaders and many others.


Mary Lou McDonald discusses Ireland and Palestine in keynote address at Georgetown University

Sinn Féin Leader Mary Lou McDonald speaking in Georgetown University this afternoon discussed ongoing change in Ireland; including the re-establishment of political institutions in the north, preparations for constitutional change and the urgent needs for a ceasefire in Gaza and the renewal of a peace process to secure Palestinian statehood and a secure Israel.


Ireland and Palestine top political agenda in the US this week

Sinn Féin Leader Mary Lou McDonald is in the US this week for a series of political engagements in Washington DC and New York. During the trip Ms. McDonald will meet with senior political leaders on Capitol Hill and with the US Administration and attend events with business leaders, the Irish diaspora and the Labour Movement. She also met with US Representative Rashida Tlaib, the first Palestinian American woman to serve in Congress.


What’s possible when peace with justice becomes the priority

The political standout was the wide diversity of speakers brought together with the shared hope of creating a better Ireland, excited by the opportunity to build a new and united Ireland.  

I believe that positivity is contagious. Speaker after speaker acknowledged the challenges but all also agreed that these are outweighed by the opportunities. There was a sense in the room that change was coming, and those present were determined to have their say.


Britain’s Ambassador must account for disgraceful behaviour of government and MI5 during Sean Brown murder inquest – Senator Paul Gavan

Sinn Féin Senator Paul Gavan has called on the Government to call in Britain’s Ambassador to Dublin to account for the disgraceful behaviour of the British government and its intelligence agency MI5 during the inquest into the murder of Sean Brown.


Rigorous impartiality: What has been breached in the quest for a DUP deal and why the British will regret it

For over twenty-five years, the government of the United Kingdom has been under an extraordinary obligation. The last two governments have failed to uphold it. As a consequence, the present condition of the UK Union is unstable, and its future is more uncertain. 


Public Inquiry into collusion in Sean Brown’s murder in the public interest

Two MI5 folders, (folders 15 & 16), have been ‘disclosed’ to the inquest into the LVF murder of Bellaghy man and GAA Wolfe Tones Chairman, Sean Brown. The inquest was halted this morning by the coroner while he now writes to the British appointed secretary for the North requesting a public inquiry on the grounds that material evidence is being withheld under ‘national security’.