Now is the Time to Push for Irish Unity

Earlier this week, New York college student Dylan Egan wrote an opinion piece in the Irish Echo about the urgency of the moment to push for Irish Unity. A D1 athlete from Swords, Ireland, Dylan writes, “We live in a time of a shifting world order, which inevitably comes with transitional instability. The unity movement and Irish America more broadly must learn to thrive in this arena. 

“As our world transitions to this new order, small nations are increasingly defined by political stability and strategic economic interdependence while medium sized nations see power by their ability to influence the big powers. 

Sinn Féin President Mary Lou McDonald with Dylan Egan and volunteers at the Irish Unity Summit

“Being a neutral nation, with a history defined by perseverance in the face of oppression, violence, famine and migration, Ireland could emerge in this new world not as a small island off the coast of Europe but as a weight-bearing pillar of hope at the center of a world increasingly polarised by similar tragedies. Nonetheless, this cannot be done without ending the economic hesitancy and community segregation imbedded in partition.”

Read full story here.

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