Oireachtas Committee request inter-state case against British government’s Legacy Act

Sinn Féin MP John Finucane has welcomed the decision of the Oireachtas Good Friday Agreement Committee to write to the Taoiseach to request that the Irish government initiate an inter-state case against the British government’s shameful Legacy Act.

The North Belfast MP said, “The Oireachtas Good Friday Agreement Committee has agreed to write to an Taoiseach to request the initiation of an inter-state case regarding the British government’s Legacy Act.

“This Act is appalling and has been roundly condemned by victims, victims’ families and human rights organisations.

“Many of those families have been waiting decades for the truth of what happened to their loved one. They must be treated with compassion and dignity.

“Many months have now passed since an Taoiseach first said he was considering taking an inter-state case. Families need clarity about this, not further delays to add to their already prolonged distress.

“These families recently initiated individual legal action. This could have been prevented if the Irish government had taken an interstate case against the Legacy Act. They can still do this and I would strongly encourage them to do so.

“The deadline for legal action is January 18th 2024, but due to the Christmas holidays the deadline is much closer. The time to act is now. There should be no further delay.

“The Irish government must listen to all the parties and independents represented on the Good Friday Agreement Committee and the calls made by Relatives for Justice and solicitor Pádraig Ó Muirigh today.

“There are no obstacles in the Irish government’s way. Nothing prevents it from taking the case.

“I am calling on the Irish government to confront this denial of human rights and breach of international human rights law through an interstate case and international action against the British government. An Taoiseach must pay heed to the Committee’s calls today and ensure that victims’ rights are upheld.”