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Gerry Adams Address to the Springfield (MA) Hunger Strike Commemoration

Friends of Sinn Féin | 10/26/2021 Springfield Massachusetts Remembers the 1981 Hunger Strikers. In a well-attended commemoration in the Rose Garden in Forest Park, wreaths were laid and songs were sung to remember the 1981 Hunger Strikers. Speeches were made by Chairman of the Friends of Ireland Caucus Rep. Richard Neal, Mayor Domenic. J. Sarno and former […]

Remembering the 1981 Hunger Strikes with Laurence McKeown Former Hunger Striker.

Friends of Sinn Féin | 10/19/2021 Laurence McKeown joined the fast after the deaths of Bobby Sands, Francis Hughes, Raymond McCreesh, and Patsy O’Hara. During his time on Hunger Strike, six more prisoners would die.  Confined to the Prisoner hospital with the other Hunger Strikers, after 70 days without food Laurence lapsed into a coma. […]

Who and What is Friends of Sinn Féin – Interview with Mark Guilfoyle FoSF President

Friends of Sinn Féin | 7/8/2021 How did a Kentucky lawyer become head of Friends of Sinn Féin USA? What does the group do and what does the future hold for Ireland and the US?  Friends of Sinn Féin President, Mark Guilfoyle answers these questions and many more in his own informed and engaging fashion.   […]

What’s Happening in Ireland- An Update with Ciarán Quinn Sinn Féin Representative to the US

Friends of Sinn Féin | 7/8/2021 Over the past number of weeks the largest Unionist party, the DUP, has sacked two leaders. The instability and refusal to honor agreements are threatening the institutions of the Good Friday Agreement.  In this interview, Ciarán Quinn Sinn Féin representative to North America gives an overview of political developments.

6000 Days in Long Kesh Prison – The Story of Jim (Jaz) McCann

Friends of Sinn Féin | 7/8/2021 Thursday 8th July 2021 marks the 40th Anniversary of the death of Joe McDonnell on Hunger Strike in Long Kesh Prison.  To mark the anniversary we are very proud to present an interview with his friend, fellow prisoner, and author Jim (Jaz) McCann.  Jaz spent 17 years in Long […]

The Women of Armagh Gaol’ In Conversation with Jennifer McCann

Friends of Sinn Féin | 6/1/2021 Belfast born Jennifer McCann is a former prisoner, friend of Bobby Sands  and former Sinn Fein MLA for West Belfast from 2007 to 2016 . Enjoy this conversation as Jennifer talks about her upbringing, time as an Member of the Legislative Assembly and the inside story of the women […]

Inside Story: An Account of Lead Up To The 1981 Hunger Strike with Bik McFarlane

Friends of Sinn Féin | 4/6/2021 What about the big lad?” Bobby Sands asked, referring to if Gerry Adams would be allowed in the prison for negotiations to end the hunger strikes. The Brits have refused I told him and at that point he realized, we both knew, this visit would be the last time […]

Saving Moore Street and the Legacy of 1916 with James Connolly Heron

Friends of Sinn Féin | 4/6/2021 Conversation with James Connolly Heron. Enjoy this talk with the great-grandson of 1916 Easter Rising leader James Connolly. James has a deep and unique understanding of the events of 1916. James talks about his background, the life and legacy of his famous ancestor, the campaign to save Moore Street […]

Her Exiled Children – The story of Irish America’s role in the 1916 Rising

Friends of Sinn Féin | 4/6/2021 Enjoy this hour-long program as Dr. Ruan O’Donnell presents the story of how Irish America shaped and made possible the Easter Rising of 1916. Produced by Friends of Sinn Féin USA.

In Conversation with Revolutionary Ireland Podcast

Friends of Sinn Féin | 2/1/2021 Lorcan Collins is a historian, author, host of the Revolutionary Ireland Podcast and creator and guide of the famous 1916 Walking Tour in Dublin. Lorcan is a witty and entertaining storyteller with vast knowledge of the events surrounding The Easter Rising of 1916 and much more. Enjoy this informative […]