Senator Paul Gavan calls on an taoiseach to establish a Citizens’ Assembly on our future

Sinn Féin Senator Paul Gavan has responded to the Taoiseach’s remarks that a Citizens’ Assembly is not the only model available as a forum for inclusive dialogue on a new and united Ireland.

Following the Taoiseach’s address in the Seanad last month, Senator Gavan said: “I asked the Taoiseach following his special address to the Seanad to begin to plan for constitutional change in Ireland by setting up a Citizens’ Assembly.

“I also asked him to challenge the British governments’ Legacy Bill by taking an interstate action against the British government in the European Court of Human Rights.

“The Taoiseach’s response to the Citizens’ Assembly suggestion was to say it was not the only model available to ensure inclusive dialogue about the future.

“I would call on the Taoiseach to outline his alternative to the current Citizens’ Assembly proposal which has been used to good effect recently in the south of Ireland.

“The important issue is that we need as soon as possible an Irish government led, formal and organised, inclusive forum for detailed conversation about Ireland’s constitutional future.”