Statement from Sinn Féin Leader Mary Lou McDonald on Westminster Election Results

Sinn Féin leader Mary Lou McDonald has commented on the Westminster election results.

She was speaking after the results saw the party take the most seats, the most votes and the highest share of the vote.

Speaking from Belfast, Teachta McDonald said, “I wish to thank all those people who voted for Sinn Féin candidates in this election, electing hard-working public representatives, and returning Sinn Féin as the largest party with twenty-seven percent share of the vote and seven seats.  We will provide strong and positive leadership and work for all across the North to improve public services, people’s lives and livelihoods.

“The Westminster election represents a significant victory for Labour, creating a major opportunity to improve relations between Britain and Ireland.

“Sinn Féin is determined to build a constructive relationship with the new Labour government. We look forward to working positively with British Prime Minister Keir Starmer on the many shared priorities for Ireland and Britain during this historic time of renewal.

“After fourteen years of Tory rule, marked by dysfunction and chaos, they crudely undermined the Good Friday Agreement during Brexit, harming citizens and communities. They also abandoned cooperation with Dublin, causing significant damage.

“The new Labour government now has a huge opportunity to reset relations with the Irish Government and the power-sharing Executive, where First Minister Michelle O’Neill will work to restore effective cooperation.

“We expect the new Prime Minister to uphold the Good Friday Agreement, which Labour helped deliver, ensuring its political, legal, and constitutional guarantees are respected. This includes respecting all our national identities, political allegiances, and working together to defend peace and build on reconciliation efforts.

“The British Government must embrace principles of rigorous impartiality, and the right to self-determination and constitutional change toward Irish reunification.

“The Tories’ handling of the past, including abandoning the Stormont House Agreement, has failed victims and survivors seeking justice. Their ‘Bill of Shame’ must be repealed, and we expect decisive action from the incoming Labour government. Sinn Féin will seek urgent clarity on this matter.

“Investing in public services and infrastructure, with fair funding from the British Treasury, is crucial for economic growth. The Conservative government promised to build Casement Park GAA stadium for UEFA Euro 2028, and we expect early delivery of the funding for this project from a Labour government.

“Our Economy Minister Conor Murphy will focus on developing a competitive and sustainable all-Ireland economy, leveraging access to both British and EU markets. After years of Tory cuts, we need properly funded public services. Our Finance Minister, Dr.Caoimhe Archibald, will engage with the Treasury to secure this funding.

“Today marks a historic change, offering huge opportunities to foster positive relations between Britain and Ireland. Sinn Féin aim to deliver an ambitious agenda to improve the lives of workers, families, and communities over the coming decade and we will work with the Labour government to achieve this.”