Time to respect democracy and get back to business – O’Neill

First Minister Designate Michelle O’Neill said today that public patience with the blockade of the north’s political institutions was running out and it was time to respect the outcome of last May’s Assembly elections and get back to business.

Speaking in Dublin this morning, Michelle O’Neill MLA said, “This week over 100 businesses from across the world were in Belfast for an economic conference, where I and others made a strong pitch for them to invest here.

“The deal between Britain and the EU is done, those negotiations are over.

“It gives us a huge competitive advantage as a gateway to Europe for the sale of goods to two of the world’s largest markets unimpeded.”

The First Minister Designate added: “Peace, stability and economic opportunity are all connected and the onus is on the British and Irish governments, all parties, and not least the DUP to restore the Executive and other democratic institutions so that we can push on and get back to business.

“Everyday the DUP boycotts government, all of our people are suffering in terms of health, rising prices and cost of living pressures and savage Tory cuts to our public services.

“As an incoming First Minister, I am absolutely determined to work with others to make politics work.

“Everyone has been more than reasonable in giving space and time, but there must be a clear limit and public patience is now running out.

“The democratic outcome of last May’s Assembly election must be respected. Power-sharing must be restored.”