United Ireland ‘inevitable’ – DUP founding member

A founding member of the DUP in an interview with BBC’s ‘The View’ said that fellow unionists agree with his belief a united Ireland is “inevitable”.

Wallace Thompson, a former DUP special adviser, said members of unionist parties and the loyal orders have approached him privately to support his position.

Mr. Thompson also conceded that his previous position of “no surrender, Ulster says no” got unionism nowhere. When he first suggested that the direction of travel was towards the reunification of Ireland, Mr. Thompson said he received messages of support because “people realise that this is accepting reality.”

“The Union is damaged by Brexit. I can’t see it being repaired.

“We’re in danger of rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic”

He told The View he wishes more people would speak out on the idea, but noted that others have “very strongly” opposed him.

“I was encouraged by that within the evangelical Protestant community the number of people who said they agreed with me”.

“Even within the loyal orders – one and twos and threes have come to me individually.

“People have said things that I’ve heard second-hand, third-hand, but it’s there.

“I’m not quite sure of the scale of it. It could be said we’re a small minority but at the same time I think there are enough people who think like me, to make it worthwhile to have the debate.”

Wallace Thompson is due to speak on a panel at the Ireland’s Future event in Belfast in June.